The Sex Therapy Institute is a practice focused on integrating healthy mind and body.

The founder, Stefani Threadgill, is a sex therapist and sexologist committed to empowering patients to uncover their best sexual health.

The Sex Therapy Institute establishes a comfortable, confidential setting where sexual concerns can be discussed.

Stefani Threadgill’s therapeutic approach is holistic,¬†mindful of issues and conditions that can affect sexual function and pleasure. From the initial intake session, Stefani listens intently to draw out a client’s core concerns, relationship patterns, sexual history, hopes and goals. Multi-faceted and creative treatment options are developed to help patients reclaim pleasure and intimacy.

Sex Matters.

A healthy sexual identity is an inherent, essential dimension of being human. Satisfying, intimate relationships bring balance, levity, and a lightness to life no matter what else is going on.

Be encouraged.

Satisfying, healthy, better sex is ahead if you are willing to do the work.

Sex Therapy is a sub-specialty of psychotherapy, focusing on the specific concerns related to human sexuality.

People of all ages, ideologies, health status, ethnic backgrounds, whether partnered or single, may benefit from working with a psychotherapist specializing in this area.

"I don't know the question, but sex is definitely the answer."



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Under supervision of Molly M. Arnold, Ph.D., LMFT-S, LPC-S, RPT

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