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Q:  How do long-term relationships that are non-monogamous work?

A:   The many options for non-monogamous lifestyles were mapped in visual format by Frankin Veaux, a well-known author and sex educator. Other human sexuality educators and sexologists have developed versions of those relationship options. One recent Map of Non-Monogamy is here.

Q:  What is a typical sex therapy session like?

A:  Sex therapy sessions are similar to those conducted with other mental health practitioners. However, a highly qualified sexual therapist brings extensive training beyond the basic counseling credentials to address the highly personal and emotional issues around sexual concerns. Stefani Threadgill’s specialized training in sexual health equips her to evaluate the concerns presented, along with medical, emotional, cultural, and lifestyle factors to guide patients to better sexual health and satisfaction.

An initial intake appointment creates the foundation for therapy sessions to follow.  New patients at The Sex Therapy Institute begins with a 90-minute intake session. The therapist will note the sexual issues that led you to pursue therapy, and gather details of your family history, sexual development, and relationships.

Patients often find that discussing sexual concerns with a therapist with expertise in sexual health is empowering in and of itself.