Stefani Threadgill is a sex therapist and sexologist specializing in the treatment of sexual concerns for all self-identifying genders.


~  Rebooting sexual desire, libido
~  Resolving erectile difficulties, performance anxieties, and inhibited orgasm
~  Managing mood, anxiety, depression, anger, and stress that affects sexual health
~  Healing from abuse: sexual, emotional, verbal, physical, childhood
~  Reconciling desire discrepancies, compatibility
~  Restoring trust, moving on after infidelity and broken agreements
~  Navigating open relationships and polyamory
~  Strengthening emotional intimacy and desire in relationships
~  Strengthening boundaries and relationships
~  Negotiating alternative relationship and sexual lifestyles, including non monogamy and BDSM
~  Resolving sexual dysfunction and disorders
~  Conquering porn and sex addiction, compulsion
~  Addressing substance abuse and chemical dependency
~  Working through grief, loss, trauma and dissociation
~  Embracing gender identity and body image
~  Exploring family-of-origin and family dynamics
~  Affirmative counseling for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and questioning (LQTBQIQ) individuals and couples

To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, email us or call 214.886.4635.


New patients begin with an intake session at The Sex Therapy office. Telephone or Skype appointments can be scheduled upon request.

Stefani Threadgill will note the sexual issues that brought you to seek therapy, and gather information about your family history, sexual development, and relationships.

Therapy may include collaboration with the referring physician, therapist or counselor to explore emotional, chemical dependency, addictions, physical and medical factors that may be relevant to a patient’s overall well-being.

In a follow-up session, therapist and patient work together to determine treatment goals.  Therapeutic solutions and interventions are presented. Treatment options may include a series of talk therapy sessions, psychoeducation, mindfulness and breathing exercises, workshops, and/or group therapy. In between sessions, individuals or couples can progress toward treatment goals with reading assignments and resources the therapist may recommend.

Stefani Threadgill considers each patient’s comfort level with the direction of the treatment plan throughout the process. The Sex Therapy Institute is committed to patient privacy, confidentiality, and self-respect. In no case will a therapist engage in any kind of sexual activity with a patient, in the office or any other location.